Dupin Adria

About Us

Adria is not just a business – it is a product of our founder's life-long passion and love of  fine food.
We believe that food - well prepared and well served - not only nourishes the body, but also the soul. That is exactly the type of food we endeavor to bring to the market!

In the very beginning, we wanted to bring traditional Croatian desserts back to life, the tast of youth. It all started with family recipes. Mediterranean ingredients and manual production. 

We reintroduced our customers to the nearly forgotten pepper-and-honey biscuit (paprenjak), reinvented the fig cake (smokvenjak) by mixing it with Lavander, almonds and oranges, and we also added carob to our finest biscuits...

Our delicacies are hand-made from a unique blend of local ingredients: Lavander, figs, oranges, almonds and carob can be found in our delicious biscuits, chocolates and jams. 
We don't imitate, we innovate!

We also have modern production facilities which allow us to meet the world market demand by producing a larger quantity of product as needed.

Our broad assortment includes delicious pralines, mouth-watering tartlets and unique and unusual Turkish delight combinations. 

We invite you to try our products. To love food is to love life.

Zajedno do fondova EU
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