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New ADRIA red wines

We expanded our offer with carefully picked wines that will elevate your meals and make every occasion special. Toast with Adria wines from autochthone Dalmatian sorts made from exclusive, sunbathed grapes. Specific soil and Mediterranean climate give the grapes, and our wines, special taste.

We are proud to present totally different wine such as Plavac Mali Selection is a refined wine with reduced tannin content which makes it lighter and easier to drink than typical Dalmatian red wines.
As its name says, this wine is created out of the best grapes Plavac Mali (Mali meaning small) which is the best sort from the protected geographical area Postup. This fine wine with its rich bouquet and noble characteristic brings triple influence of the sun, sea and the sore to your table.

Red wine aficionados will most definitely love our new Plavac Barrique.
For the base of this particular wine we used only the sweetest grapes and traditional recipe used for over 100 years after which the wine sits for no more than 12 months exclusively in barrels made out of oak from Slavonia.  
Some winemakers add berry fruits to Plavac Barrique, but we decided not to add any additional flavors to our wine and to keep its original velvety characteristics.

Fans of sweet desert wines will be delighted with La Prosée (Prošek).
The word Prošek comes from the root of the work prostirati (meaning to spread, to extend) and it has no links to Italian region Prosecco and their product wine spumante. 
Prošek was named for the process of spreading the best quality grapes on Dalmatian drywall and leaving them to the influence of the sun and the rocks before using them in specific traditional recipe which produces its intense and rich dark color.
Most winemakers use white grape sorts for creating Prošek.
We decided to use only top of the line Plavac Mali grapes for our wine which makes it stand out from the rest.

And for the best wine connoisseurs we chose Dingač and Dingač Riserva.
Dingač is finest wine created out of the autochthone Plavac Mali sort from protected and limited position Dingač on Pelješac peninsula.
Dingač is dry wine with higher tannin levels and Dingač Riserva is wine created from carefully picked healthy grapes left on the stalk to dry out for a month. Without competition best quality Croatian red sort thrives in extreme conditions on the hill Dingač and this is what it makes is different from any other sort, except for Postup which is similar in quality and in geographical position.  
Dingač is well known and the biggest testimony to its quality comes from the fact that in 19th century on Pelješac peninsula magazines were build inside south east ports to give easier access  wine and bring it to royal tables across Europe in shortest time possible.
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