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Biscuits, Cakes

Biscuits, Cakes
Category of biscuits is split into two: hand-made products, of which we’re especially proud, and industrial production.

Hand-made biscuits are completely hand-made, starting with gathering and mixing the ingredients, to shaping and baking, all the way to hand packaging them in carefully designed packaging. We always strive to include recognizable Croatian (Mediterranean) ingredients, such as lavender, orange and carob in our recipes. This groupd of products consists of Adria 150g biscuits (lavender, orange, carob, almond-cinnamon), Adria paprenjak (pepper biscuits), Amaretti, Grandma’s biscuits and Strudel.

In the production of industrial biscuits, we try to combine the more “modern” flavours, such as chocolate and nougat, with more traditional flavours such as fig. This group of products includes Adria tartlets (fig and nougat).
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