Dupin Adria



Adria range of drinks is separated into two segments:
  • Wine
  • Liqueurs and brandies

Carefully picked wines elevate your meals and make every occasion special. Toast with Adria wines from autochthone Dalmatian sorts made from exclusive, sunbathed grapes. Specific soil and Mediterranean climate give the grapes, and our wines, special taste. In our assortment you can find red, white, dessert wines and rosé.

We’re especially proud of our new wine selection:
  • Plavac Mali Selection – wine with reduced tannin content which makes it lighter and easier to drink than typical Dalmatian red wines
  • La Prosée – sweet desert wine made from grapes of Plavac Mali stands out with its non-characteristic intense dark color
  • Gospar – the first cuvee from Malvasija Dubrovnik. Light and refreshing dry white wine

Liqueurs and brandies range encompasses all the best-known and most popular flavours in Croatia. You can find them in 0,1l, 0,2l and 0,5l bottles. Croatian dream (white wine liqueur), Teran liqueur (red wine liqueur), Biska (mistletoe liqueur), Medica (honey liqueur), 69 herbs and Maraskino (cherry liqueur) can be found in 1l bottles as well.
From our liquers and brandies range we would like to single out:
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