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Adria Dingač Riserva

Adria Dingač Riserva
For the best wine connoisseurs we chose Dingač Riserva. Dingač Riserva is finest wine created out of the autochthone Plavac Mali sort from protected and limited position Dingač on Pelješac peninsula.

Dingač Riserva is wine created from carefully picked healthy grapes left on the stalk to dry out for a month. Without competition best quality Croatian red sort thrives in extreme conditions on the hill Dingač and this is what it makes it different from any other sort, except for Postup which is similar in quality and in geographical position.

The biggest testimony to Dingač Riserva and its quality comes from the fact that in 19th century on Pelješac peninsula magazines were build inside south east ports to give easier access wine and bring it to royal tables across Europe in shortest time possible.
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