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Adria Gospar

Adria Gospar
We are proud to present Gospar – the first cuvee from Malvasija Dubrovnik which gives it aroma and characteristic bouquet and Maraština (Malvasia del chianti) that brings a hint of acidity and minerals.

Malvasija Dubrovnik is white grape sort that is traditionally bread in Konavosko field near Dubrovnik. It is not to be mistaken for Malvazija, a well know Istrian wine sort. Gospar is 100% from Dalmatia and due to its bright and refreshing aroma it would be a shame to mix it with water.

A few wines have such a bold history such as Malvasija Dubrovnik. During the times of Republic of Ragusa it was considered a precious wine, documented in their archive dating back as far as 600 years. People of Ragusa (todays Dubrovnik) used to give Malvasija only to their greatest friends, or enemies.
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